Canoeing is a fun activity for friends and family because everyone can do it. It is easy to learn for all ages and if you do have some experience its even more fun! It is also a good way to explore the icelandic nature. In our tours you will get great veiw of the glacier Ejyafjallajökull (volcano that erupted in 2010) and westman island from the black sand beach, and the best part off it all is that you will se it with no other tourist around. If you never tried it before now is the time.

River Tour

  • Minimum 2
  • cirka 1 hour
  • No experience needed
  • 8000 isk pp
  • Private tours extra 15 000 isk
  • Meet at Skálakot, road 246

Before going canoeing

Before going on the trip make sure you bring good cloaths and also good to check the forcast at We are going out in all weather but its good to be preperad for the icelandic nature. Better safe than sorry.


You can book your tour by email at

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