There are two options for canoeing with us. The first tour is a 1 hour trip in the River Irá and the second tour is a full day starting in Irá and ending in Holtsós. Participants should come in good clothes and shoes. The guide will do a short demonstration about how to paddle a canoe safely on the lake/river and then its take off!

River Tour

  • Maximum 8 people minimum 2
  • cirka 1 hour
  • No experience needed
  • 7000 isk pp
  • Private tours extra 10 000 isk
  • Meet Skálakot, road 246

Full day trip

  • Maximum 8 people minimum 2
  • Full day with refreshment and grill
  • No experience needed but suitible for active people
  • 22000 isk pp
  • Private tours are extra 10 000 isk
  • Meet at Skálakot, road 246


You can book your tour by email at