Welcome to Outdoor Activity. We are located right under Eyjafjallajökull between Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss doing what we love, exploring the Icelandic nature. Our goal is to put a smile on people´s faces on all of our tours. To achieve that goal, we are guiding small groups and offering personal service from locally living guides. In addition, we always try to do our tours when YOU have the time; get in contact and we will make it happen! 

We are doing private hiking tours in our own back yard, taking you to all the hidden pearls that the mountains have to offer. We also do canoe trips for those who want to do something extra special – everyone can manage to paddle a canoe and it is lots of fun!

There are many ways to explore the Icelandic nature. But let´s face it, paddling a canoe to the black sand beach is much more fun then driving a car there!

Explore and take pictures with no one around to disturb you. We take you to beautiful waterfalls and hidden canyons where the big crowds don´t come.

Spend your time wisely. We can take you touring under the midnight sun in summer. Watch the sun bounce off the horizon and see the sky change colour.